Product Care for Eternal Roses

Posted by Mandy Truong on

What are preserved roses?

Preserved roses are 100% real and natural flowers that have undergone a preservation process to help them stay fresh and beautiful without the need of water or sunlight.  During the preservation process, the flowers are submerged into a mixture of glycerin and other plant elements that are non-toxic and not harmful to the environment or to human health.  This technique rehydrates the flower and replaces the sap within it.

Our eternal luxurious roses are premium grade and the best quality you can find.  They will last for at least one year, and even longer if they are stored in a sealed enclosure.  To keep the roses for the longest time as possible, store them in room temperature and away from direct sunlight, heater, or air conditioner.  Do not put them in water, and store them away from humid or rainy environment.  With proper care, our premium preserved rose will last up to 5 years!!

Maintenance Instruction:

  • This product is inedible.
  • Do not put this product under direct strong light, nor put it at the vents of air-conditioner and fan etc.
  • This product must be kept far away from water.  The petals will become semitransparent when the environment is moist.  If the flowers are trapped with moisture, you need to put this product and drying agent together in a sealed container for a few days for the flowers to return to its original state.
  • If preserved flower is stained by dust, you can clean it by using an air blower.  Make sure to blow it from a distance away from the flower.


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